Office Decommissioning

We have recycled tens of millions of pounds for our customers that include federal agencies, state agencies, law firms, hospitals, colleges, municipalities, banks, manufacturing companies and more.

We do it right.  We do it fast. We do it affordably. Deal direct with the recycler.

About Office Decommissioning

You have made the decision to move, but before you call the moving company, have you considered the following?:

  • Will you be taking all of the furniture and interior fixtures? If not, what do you do with them??
  • Do you have IT equipment that will not be redeployed? Does that equipment still have value and have any data or asset tags been properly removed?
  • Do you have archived files that need to be shredded?
  • Does your lease or rental agreement require that any modifications (including cabling) to the property be restored to original condition? Does the agreement mention the term “broom swept”?
  • Do you have storage units filled with items that are no longer needed?

Waiting until the day the moving trucks arrive to address the issues will create added expenses and stress. The Recycled Materials Group can help! Call today for more information and to schedule a free site assessment.

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